Who we are

TRANSBRAVA was created in 2014 with the pioneering project of crossing the Costa Brava crossing in different stages. Costa Brava is an ideal territory to be discovered by kayak, a light, silent boat which is totally respectful of the environment.

During summer you will find us on Fenals beach in Lloret de Mar, we are located in a privileged spot. We are an enthusiastic team, fascinated by nautical activities, water sports and by the environment that surrounds us. We want to pass on our knowledge, enthusiasm and our philosophy of fun; safety and respect for the environment to all those who visit us.


We are recognised as:


Group of Kayaking with resolution 0803-S-927/2017 by the General Directorate of Fishing and Maritime Affairs of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Auroral Action of the Catalan Government.


Registered as number C-462 in the List of Organisers of Physical-Sporting Activities in the Environment of the Catalan Sport Board.

Techniques sportives de canoë-kayak

Our guides and auxiliaries are level TD2, TD1, INEFC and CAFEMN sporting technicians in kayaking. They speak several languages.

Civil liability and accident insurance policy.

All our activities have a civil liability and accident insurance policy, adapted to the regulations on open-air sports activities. 

A pneumatic support and help vessel

At our base in Fenals, we have a fast safety pneumatic vessel to supervise and provide support to our excursions and rental services 


We are at Fenals beach. This is located 1 km south of Lloret de Mar, it is a quiet and family bbbeach surrounded by forest, with clear water It has a large parking lot for hundreds of vehicles.

Companies and groups

We are specialized in offering tailor-made and multi-activity packages, if you want to enjoy a day on the sea surrounded by nature, doing Team-Building or simply get away from day to day work with the aim of increasing satisfaction among members of the company, improving performance, and establishing informal relationships between co-workers.  We can arrange a tailor-made day out for you and we'll adapt to all profiles, ages and timetables.

Learning community and Disabled people

We offer leisure and educational activities to the learning communities to get to know our coastal environment, with combined kayaking, SUP, snorkelling and hiking activities for students aged 10 or over. We also offer synthesis or sporting credits in sea kayaking as well as specific sports training for schools, institutes, universities, CAFEMN  (Holding Sporting Activities in the Natural Environment) or similar.

We also carry out activities designed and adapted to groups with special physical or mental needs, emphasizing their multitasking abilities.